Network Installation

Toronto Cabling Network Installation

We understand the unique needs of businesses and as such, we have developed a rare flexibility that puts us ahead of competition. Whether you are an organization or home user, we have the right cable network installation solution for you. We understand the risk and cost that comes with network installation and our qualified team will see to it that these are reduced significantly.

While creating and installing networks to our clients, we usually factor in value addition and the fact that technology is fast emerging. Our integrative technologies will easily synchronize with the emerging systems without the incurrence of unnecessary costs on the part of the client.

Our main area of focus is the implementation of network systems and solutions that revolve around Microsoft Platforms and Windows Servers.

What we shall do for you

Before any set up or installation process takes off, we usually take time to first undertake a detailed analysis of the network that will uncover potential areas on which we can optimize performance and reliability. This is then followed by the drawing of a network design that forms the basis for the implementation and delivery of the desired network infrastructure.

The benefits to our clients

Our network installation comes with immense benefits and value to the clients.

Improved productivity-The unique selling point of our network installation solutions is the value addition that they bring to the client. This is evidenced by the enhanced response times, improved communications and the excellent high-speed internet connections.

Cost reduction– While providing quality services, we also try as much as possible to minimize the cost that is passed onto the clients. Through sharing of central resources such as printers, application servers and specialist peripherals, the per-user cost is drastically reduced.

Data security– In the current technological dispensation, data and information security stands at the centre of network and communication systems. On our part, we take all measures that will safeguard our networks and those of our clients. We centralize data back-up for your organization, business or home while at the same time monitor on a regular basis the networks of our clients for any potential threat.

Our Network Offerings

  • A free needs assessment briefing
  • Free consultation
  • Free Site survey
  • Free Submission of detailed proposal and quotation
  • Network Design, Installation and Implementation
  • Firewall Installation and Configuration
  • Data Cabling