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Data Toronto Cabling is a network cabling company that provides structured cabling systems and solutions to its customers. The company offers planned cabling depending on whether you are relocating to a new office or property, or you just want to improve the existing cable infrastructure.

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Cabling systems are integral part of the communication infrastructure for businesses. Every business needs to have properly installed and serviced cables in order to keep information flow uninterrupted. Issues with cabling systems can affect the communication in and out of business and could result in down times and loss of business.

Data Toronto Cabling has a very experienced and high trained team that will take care of cabling issues and projects for large, medium, and small sized businesses. The team consists of certified technicians who are capable of working with low voltage cabling. The team is also made up of computer engineers who assist in networking and IT issues.

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The company can install and work on cables that pass through concrete or dry walls and even in ceiling. Implementing communication network and IT infrastructure are things that should only be handled by professionals. Not only does the company install, upgrade, and repair network and IT infrastructure, it also provides advice to its clients on how they can get the best from these kinds of infrastructure.

The company applies the latest techniques and know-how to ensure that its clients get the best in their network cabling needs. It advises clients so that they can make an informed decision including purchase of the right technology relevant products.

When handling your project,  Data Toronto Cabling will offer affordable prices taking into account the overall returns on investment from the infrastructure. The company does not compromise on quality, as it understands that this is the only way in which it can enhance its reputation and build repeat customers.


In order to get an insight on the nature of networking cabling project you need to be handled, the company provides onsite surveys. Making a quotation based on discussions made on phone is different from visiting the site of a project. When a team of technicians visits a site, it is able to inspect it and determine the right amount and what needs to be done in order to have the best functional network cabling solutions put in place.

Whenever the company installs cables, it ensures they are properly and clearly labeled and marked to ensure any future expansion projects do not experience troubles. The cables can easily be upgraded and expanded should the need arise in coming days. Among the networking cabling services it provides include those for internet, phone systems, entertainment systems, speakers, paging, and security.

It virtually deals with a wide range of equipment that require digital data signals. Types of services it deals with are LAN cable installation, Cat5e and Cat6 cabling, patch panel installation and termination, voice and telephone cabling or wiring, Wi-Fi or wireless networks, Fibre optics installation, and cable management bars.

Data Toronto Cabling also deals with surveillance and security systems installations, business phone systems, and alarm systems. In case you are seeking for network cabling in the GTA area, the Data Toronto Cabling has the expertise, skill, and innovation to handle it all.

We provide cabling solution in all the Rexdale area. Please give us a call at (647) 872-3650 for a FREE Quote.