Wireless Networks

What Are The Benefits Of Wireless Networking

Wireless networks have in the recent past been the preserve of financially superior corporations. In the same vein, network installation was largely dominated by highly remunerated networking specialists. Because of technological advancements and skill development, wireless networking today is not only quicker but also cheaper that it was. Network installation has also become more palatable but still requires skill and experience.

Why Wireless Networking

Businesses, home users and organizations stand to reap immense benefits from wireless networking. This form of networking is not only cheaper but also tidier to install because there are no cables running across and about like in the wired networking.

Having a home or Business wireless network can enable you to:

  • Share internet resources amongst several computer units
  • Connect wirelessly to the internet or other computers
  • Share documents and files cross networks
  • Link up and share peripherals such as printers and scanners
  • Manage a central informational backup facility
  • Play games among networked computers
  • Share the broadband of your computer connection with your Playstation or XBox.

Data Toronto can help you with:

  • Internet and email set up
  • Wireless installation and security setup
  • Internet troubleshooting and connectivity resolutions
  • Addition of other computers into your existing network
  • Parental Control Software and child lock systems
  • Extension of ADSL Cabling between your PC and phone socket